Bergamot Eau De Toilette 100ml (COMING SOON)


Our ‘One World One Body‘ Bergamot Eau De Toilette includes key notes of bergamot, grapefruit, ocean waves, amber and moss – and is a perfect choice for day-to-day skin fragrancing as well as making an ideal – and truly special – fragrance gift to treat a friend or loved-one. The attractive glass display bottle will look right-at-home as part of your luxurious skincare collection.

£1.50 from the sale of this product will be donated to our partner – Eden Reforestation Projects ( – which will support the planting of 10 trees.



All Lewis Curzon Skincare ‘One World One Body’ products are manufactured on-site at our production premises in the United Kingdom – located in the beautiful and tranquil, rural and idyllic countryside of Sussex, England. Lewis Curzon Skincare adheres at all stages of the production process – and at all times, without exception – to strict international standards of Good Manufacturing Practice.

The attractive round glass bottles are lightweight and recyclable. Due to the quality and durability of glass as a bottle material – together with the secure crimping of the atomiser spray-head onto the glass – our production approach significantly reduces the risk of product contamination or deterioration in Lewis Curzon Skincare product quality.

The product label is made from chemically-recycled PP plastic. When compared to the more traditional, mechanical, process of recycling plastic – please be reassured that the chemical-recycling process is significantly more sustainable and environmentally-friendly. It is more expensive for Lewis Curzon Skincare to choose to use chemically-recycled PP plastic labelling. However, what we consider to be of greater importance is the :

  • significant reduction in fossil fuel use ;
  • significant reduction in water use ;
  • significant reduction in energy consumption ; and
  • significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions,

that is achieved by our on-going support of this more sustainable and environmentally-friendly process.

We hope that you enjoy this Lewis Curzon Skincare ‘One World One Body’ product. If you particularly enjoy the ‘Bergamot’ fragrance, please also consider our ‘Beach Linen’ and ‘Sandalwood’ fragranced products available as part of our ‘Island Indulgence’ range here.


Alcohol Denat; Parfum (Fragrance); Aqua (Water); Linalool; Benzyl Salicylate; Limonene; Coumarin.

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